Examination Cell

1. Dr. Mortuja Hussain (Principal cum Officer In-charge)   ----------   Chairman
2. Shri Sontosh Kumar Dey (Vice-Principal cum AOC)   ----------   Convener
3. Shri Soumitra Choudhury (Co-ordinator, IQAC)   ----------   Member
4. Joynal Abedin Tafader (TR)   ----------   Member
5. AOC of H.S. & TDC Examinations   ----------   Member
6. Sri Debajyoti Dasgupta (AOC of H.S. & TDC Examinations)   ----------   Member
7. Dr. Barnashree Bakshi (AOC of H.S. & TDC Examinations)   ----------   Member
The function of the Examination Cell is to prepare the plan of college examinations 2016-17 and the function of the AOCs is to conduct both the college and year/semester end examinations of AHSEC/AUS 2016-17.