Anti-Ragging Committee

1. Dr. Mortuja Hussain (Principal)   ----------   Chairman
2. Shri Sontosh Kumar Dey (Vice-Principal & T.R. to G.B.)   ----------   Convener
3. Shri Arun Kumar Sen   ----------   Member
4. Dr. Paulose V.D.   ----------   Member
5. Joynal Abedin Tafader (T.R. to G.B.)   ----------   Member
6. Mrs Nandita Dutta   ----------   Member
7. Dr. Arjun Chandra Debnath   ----------   Member
8. Shri Soumitra Choudhury (Co-ordinator IQAC)   ----------   Member
9. Iqbal Uddin Tapadar   ----------   Member
10. Dr. Sankar Kumar Chakraborty   ----------   Member
11. The Circle Officer (Civil Administration)   ----------   Member
12. The O.C., Badarpur P.S. (Police Administration)   ----------   Member


The functions of the Anti-Ragging Committee are to take all necessary Policies and Steps to prevent ragging in the college and also to take action if and when required in the case of ragging.